Focusing on Internal Systems Today

June 20, 2020

We recently experienced a sudden, significant increase in orders and support calls from Impact Wireless customers that had their Internet service disconnected. This has resulted in longer than usual response times from our team. At the same time, activations of new T-Mobile lines slowed to a crawl for several weeks. Activations are now happening quickly again. RV WiFi systems staff are all spending today and part of tomorrow to expand and enhance our internal operations. This will allow us to serve our new and existing customers as promptly and efficiently as always. 

Plans, SIM cards and devices can all be purchased on this site. All orders are processed and shipped within 1 business day. If you call and don't reach a team member, please leave a detailed message. We'll respond promptly by phone, email or text. 

Major Carriers Experience Outages, T-Mobile Hit Hardest

June 15, 2020 11 am MST

While several major carriers expressed outage issues across the country this morning T-Mobile was slammed by by more than 100,000 reports by 3 p.m. eastern.  T-Mobile's President of Technology, Neville Ray apologized via Twitter to customers who were affected by the outage. He reported that their engineers were working to mitigate voice and data issues across the U.S.  According to maps from Down Detector, the majority of problems were in the Eastern U.SBy 6 p.m eastern., they had cured about 75% of problems.

Information for Impact Wireless Internet Customers Moving to RV WiFi Systems

June 11, 2020 4:00 am MST

If you paid RV WiFi for service, your new SIM card(s) have been submitted for activation. Many are already active on our new 5G ready plan. You might need to change 1 setting in your device to connect to the newer frequencies for service.  Instructions will be posted today. 

Some SIM cards for new paid plans with RV WiFi are still pending activation. We expect them to be completed today. 

T-mobile rejected activation for some of the new SIM cards sent out by Impact Wireless. We've been shipping free replacement SIM cards as needed and will continue to do so. All SIM cards we shipped prior to today are in the activation process now. SIM cards sent after today will be activated and tested prior to shipping.

Because so many customers suddenly lost service, on May 24th RV WiFi Systems paid to activate 25% of the new SIM cards that had already been recieved from Impact Wireless. They were active within 72 hours. However, we used a plan designed to match the plan had with Impact. We soon discovered those plans no longer have unlimited data. All those lines have been upgraded to our new plan.  It works great but, again, you need to change the APN setting in your device to b2b.static

New orders will now be activated within 48 hours. You can order on this site. 

If you paid RV WiFi and your activation was delayed, you will receive a statement credit in the next full billing cycle. 



March 31- T-Mobile activation centers on reduced hours and staff.  Care centers transition to mostly work from home. 

April 6th: T-Mobile reports:

  • Mobile hotspot usage is up 60%
  • Use of Collaboration tools, like Skype, Slack and Webex, is up 87%
  • Use of Education tools, like Google Classroom and Khan Academy, increased 135%
  • Video game traffic increased 85%
  • Traffic on food delivery apps is up 23%

May 28-31  T-Mobile activation processing on hold

June 1 and 2- Individual Activations from T-Mobile Activation center slowly resume

June 4th- Activations have picked up- 48 to 72 hour lag time reported on new activations

June 6th- Larger batches of activations now clearing.  Some older activations require re-submission.

June 9th- Twitter reports of multiple outages on major carriers this A.M. between Midnight and 6:00A.M. - Today all looks fine (some minor isolated outage reports)

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